Girls Volleyball

Welcome to the Buffalo Girls Diocesan Volleyball information.

  • Standings Updated – Verify !
    I have downloaded and updated the current results and Standings again this morning. I have NOT compared them to matches played yet. If your results are not correct, please email me with your concern or Report them if you won and did not report!
  • First Standings Posted
    ALL, I have posted the first standings for 2023. If you have played and don’t see this reflective of your results, then please report them immediately! ALL WINNING teams where instructed to report. If you did not win and don’t think your record is correct, then email me!
  • Fall Girls Season Starting Soon
    As of today all schools are completing scheduling and we should be stating this season soon. Goodluck to all of the Teams as they embark on this season.
  • Final Standings Posted
    A great season by all and the FINAL Standings are now posted here for viewing and/or download. We will see many of you at the tournament tomorrow night at NFVB on 11/3/22.
  • Standings Updated – Only missing 2 matches
    I just updated the standings and we are missing 2 matches. I will email those home teams. All records other than those (4) schools involved are accurate.
  • Standings are Updated and Accurate!
    I just posted the standings and I am please to say I have NO missing match reports – Thank You! If you disagree with your totals, you should email me to get a copy of what data was used. Goodluck to finish our the next few days and we will see you next week!
  • Standings as of 10-19-22
    Standings have just been updated through 10/19/22. Please email me if you have any issues with them. Jeff
  • Standings Updated Today
    I have updated the standings through 10/13/22 if you have reported by 8:30am today, Fri. 10/14.
  • First Girls Standings 2022
    I have posted the first standings from the first 10 days of play. If yours is missing, please report if you were the home team.
  • Start of 2022 Girls Season
    The schedule templates have been sent out and should be returned to Bob Wood ASAP! If you have problems, email or text Jeff Hetrick for assistance with these templates. PLEASE ONLY FILL IN THE YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED CELLS AND FOLLOW THE TEMPLATE INSTRUCTIONS FOR DATES AND TIMES FOUND AT THE TOP.