Girls Volleyball

Welcome to the Buffalo Girls Diocesan Volleyball information.

  • Final Standings Posted
    Congratulations to All Teams on a very good season. We will see many of you on Wednesday.
  • Final Results – Missing 1 Score Report
    These results are final with the exception of the Friday match of CTK vs. DeSales Lockport. Please report that ASAP! Great job by all this year.
  • ALMOST final standings
    Waiting on 2 reports from tonight in the North division and St. Mark’s play each other tomorrow. Otherwise all others appears to be reported.
  • Standings Updated Again This Morning
    Any and all updates reported or sent to me are in. If you have issues with your record, send it to me at
  • Standings CORRECT NOW !
    Thank you for your quick responses. Now these are VERY CLOSE if not exactly correct after (2) of you sent me results. You can still email me at if you believe there is an error.
    ALL, the standings are once again updated. With this being the last week, you should address IMMEDIATELY if you record is short of completed matches so that we can have accurate standings. Email me any issues at
    ALL, I have updated the results again this morning and they are same as last time, MISSING 4 matches (2 double headers), so unless these weren’t played, someone needs to reach out to me. My Email: Send me what you believe your record is and whom you won and lost to so that I can track it down.
  • Standings Update – MUST VERIFY !
    All, we are getting to that time that there are enough matches played that if there is a mistake, better to find it now than later. By the end of next week, the season is 90% done! Email or text me with any issues. My cell was in your contact sheets.
  • Standings Updated – Verify !
    I have downloaded and updated the current results and Standings again this morning. I have NOT compared them to matches played yet. If your results are not correct, please email me with your concern or Report them if you won and did not report!
  • First Standings Posted
    ALL, I have posted the first standings for 2023. If you have played and don’t see this reflective of your results, then please report them immediately! ALL WINNING teams where instructed to report. If you did not win and don’t think your record is correct, then email me!